I believe that we can make the world even more amazing through attentiveness, collaboration, equality, and training.

I’m a researcher and social justice advocate recently returned from a Fulbright to Ethiopia, working at the World Bank in the Development Economics research group.

My family are probably ultimately responsible for my draw to agriculture, food, and justice. My mother in particular showed me the importance of cooking and growing food - as a means of sharing joy, of nourishment, and even as a way change how the world functions. As an adult I’ve since worked with food and agriculture from multiple angles of attack: scholar, perfectionist line cook, farmworker, activist. My work with agriculture has brought me to economic development. I now focus on research and on measuring, developing, and deploying effective ways to improve livelihoods around the world.

I work at the intersection of economics, agriculture, livelihoods, equity, and the environment. I’m passionate about preventing the worst impacts of climate change and food system instability (especially among smallholder farmers). I believe that pizza should probably not be considered a vegetable by US school lunch policy. Striving for integrity, rigor, and joy in personal and professional life.

I’m most happy with loved ones especially my better half Valerie, outdoors, with plants and animals around, learning a new language (human or machine), and exploring both new and familiar places. I have a problem with too many hobbies.

This site was built with Jekyll and is hosted on Github. Despite the limitations of static websites, I highly recommend Jekyll as a blogging platform. It’s pretty great. I borrowed heavily from the brilliant work of ghjaru - thanks!