Hello World!



Hello family, friends, and future friends! I have finally put together a simple website for ruminations, machinations, etc. The blog was built using Jekyll and Github Pages, modified from a simple theme called Kiko, made by ghjaru. Thanks. From Jekyll’s readme:

Jekyll is a simple, blog aware, static site generator. It takes a template directory […] and spits out a complete, static website suitable for serving with Apache or your favorite web server. This is also the engine behind GitHub Pages, which you can use to host your project’s page or blog [on] GitHub.

It’s a pretty powerful tool, at least for particular applications. Very good for making a minimalistic webpage like this one. No more writing blog posts in HTML! No more annoying Wordpress headaches! And I can tinker with the whole site from the terminal even if I’m in the bush with no internet connection.

Thanks for visiting, and keep coming back for more substantive updates. Maybe at some point we’ll add some new functionality, but for now, this is what we’ve got.